10 Things Men Need to Stop Wearing to the Gym Immediately


Ugly, dangerous, or disrespectful, these things have no place at the gym.

Vibram FiveFingers

These make you look like a robot-ninja, and not in a good way. If you must wear these, keep them on the road where they belong. Plus, we heard they might not even do what they’re supposed to do. 


These show too much and make you look like you’re in love with yourself, which aren’t good looks for men. If you must wear these, throw some shorts over ’em like Russell Westbrook or Kanye. That way, it’s easier on the eyes and your fellow gym goers won’t hate you. 

Super Short-Shorts

Sure, Esquire can get down with some tailored short-shorts for summer, but these super short dolphin shorts lack style and, um, substance. These things are for running, and running only. Preferably running far, far away from the gym.

Huge Basketball Shorts

Yes, super short-shorts are the worst, but don’t go too far the other way. These are baggy, saggy, and look dated. Every time you wear them to the gym, we’re worried that they’re going to get caught in the leg press and get you crushed, which, despite how much we hate you for wearing these, we don’t want to see either.


Sweat-Stained T-shirts

Come on guys, the pit-stained T-shirt is so gross that it’s become a cultural trope that only equals one thing: total slob. White T-shirts look best brand new, so just pick up a new three-pack please, which you can get literally anywhere. If the pit stains mystify you, we’re here to tell you they’re caused by antiperspirant, not sweat itself. Ask yourself which is worse and choose accordingly. 


Sure, you need extra support and want to protect your toes when you’re throwing down that barbell, but just get some high-tops and call it a day. These look terrible, and dirty up the gym. 



I know we have some big Andre Agassi fans out there, but denim is honestly the worst possible material you could pick to work out in. Let’s see, heavy, restrictive, and weird. Perfect. No seriously, just get some well-cut gym shorts and we can all go back the elliptical machine. 


Sandals at the gym aren’t good for you and they aren’t good for us. Sure you might pump out some curls in those Birkenstocks, but your cardio is really going to suffer bro. Also, watch those toes. Or just get some sneakers like a normal human being. 

Nip Slip Tanks

Dude, you don’t have to show us your nipple just to show off your massive pecs. Scale that tank top up a bit and get some coverage. We’ll still be able to see those muscles ripple (not that we want to).

Bare Feet

Yes, we have seen this. Really. Going barefoot to the gym combines all the worst things on this list into one atrocity. This is dangerous, ugly (even if you got your toes did, dude), and obviously unsanitary. When you do this you taint not only the treadmill, but also every mat, carpet, and machine you touch. Wiping it down’s not going to help. Get some goddamn shoes (and socks). 








The Stylish Summer Fashions You Need To Try Out


It’s finally summertime, and that calls for a change in wardrobe. Time to shed off all of the layers and head out the door feeling bright, light and free. Want to make sure you’re in style under the hot sun? Check out these popular summer trends and enjoy your summer of high fashion.

Patterned Pants: Patterned pants made of light, billowy material have been popping up in stores everywhere. Whether they come in the form of shorts or full-length pants, these bottoms are definitely a hit for this summer. The light material makes the pants comfortable and it keeps you from getting too hot.

The wide selection of patterns also gives off a unique, casual look. Because of the busy colors and shapes, try pairing the bottoms with a plain tee or tank. If you’re bold, however, experiment with mixing patterns and color schemes until you find a look that works best for you.

Crop Tops: Though these short shirts have been around for a while, they can still be seen everywhere you go. Whether you wear crop tops with a high-waist skirt or shorts, or pair them with regular cutoffs, you’re sure to be a hit. Crop tops can fit in anywhere on the spectrum between laid-back and dressed-up. They come in varying trunk and sleeve lengths and in a plethora of designs.

So slip on a beachy crop top and wear it as a cover-up to the pool, or dress one up with some of your favorite jewelry for a night spent with friends. You can also use crop tops as a bottom layer to wear with a loose shirt or summer cardigan.

Creative Jewelry: Since you wear less clothing in the summer, it’s the perfect time to wear more jewelry. Switch up your usual accessory routine by adding a few pieces of fashionable new jewelry styles.

Midi-rings are worn about halfway down your finger (between the top two knuckles) and add some flair to your tanned hands. Your ring-wearing experience becomes more intricate as rings are placed on different levels. For jewelry a little further up on your arm, try out a cuff or two. Cuffs can go anywhere, from your wrists, to your forearms, to your upper arms. The look is not only light and fun, but a little whimsical too.

Summer is also the perfect time to fasten on an anklet. Wearing sandals and going barefoot allows your ankles to be free and ready to be bedazzled. Bathing suits and crop tops also expose your belly button, and if you have one, a piercing. The beginning of the summer is a great time to look for a couple new favorite belly button rings to show off.

Moving up to your ears, cuffs are another style that is perfect for those with and without pierced ears. The cuffs are usually adjustable and wrap around your ear. They come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, including sea-themed creatures like starfish and mermaids.

Hair Fashions: Looking for a way to spruce up your everyday hairstyle? Try adding flair to your hair with some color or easy extensions. Hair chalk and short-term hair dye can be found in most pharmacy or salon stores and are a fun way to add some temporary streaks to your hair.For those that aren’t ready to add too much faux color, try just a small streak or two or use the color on the bottom layer of hair. It’s sure to add an interesting pop of color in a ponytail or braid.

You can also try feather or colored extensions for a carefree and creative look. These can often come in clip-on form, which allows you to easily take the extensions in and out of your hair. To keep the extensions in for longer periods of time (like for a couple of months in the summer), professionals can tie the extensions into your hair.

A Little Sparkle: Glitter and shine is most noticeable under the bright sun, so the best time to wear it is in the summer heat. Whether the sparkle comes from a new piece of glinting jewelry or the rhinestones studding your tank top, you’re sure to make a statement. A few other ways to make your outfit a bit more dazzling include slipping on some bedazzled sandals, wearing a beaded headband, or coating your nails in some fresh, sparkly polish.

Maxi Skirts: Longer skirts, including full skirts, are making way in the fashion world. Similar to the flowing, patterned pants featured above, long skirts made of light materials cover you up, but still keep you cool when the temperatures rise. Depending on the accessories you pair with the skirt, your outfit can go from classy to casual. For a laid-back everyday look, just slip on some sandals and pair the skirt with a plain tee or tank-top.

Ugly Trends That We Still Decide To Wear


Most people that are into fashion tend to follow the trends and styles that come and go with each passing season. That means even the ugly trends get their time to shine.

For some reason, even “ugly” styles catch on in popularity. People go out and buy their way into the trend either to maintain their status as a fashionista or simply because they actually like the way it looks, ugly and all.

Often, fashion trends grow on people. Even if people don’t initially like the look of a certain piece of clothing or how it was worn, repetition and familiarity change their minds. Seeing the same look over and over causes it to gain favor in shoppers’ minds, leading to more and more people following the trend.

Here are just a few of the “ugly” trends that we see people (even ourselves!) wearing every day.

Birkenstocks: Somehow, Birkenstocks never seem to go out of style, an observation that is true now more than ever. Recently, Birkenstocks have been all over the place.

Perhaps it’s because the sandals are widely considered very sturdy and comfortable to walk around in. The standard style consists of wide cork bottoms, two thick straps stretching across the foot, and plenty of space allowing for your toes to be free.

Most likely, the rising trend is due to a mixture of the comfort and the new designs available for the brand. While you can still spot the shoes in their traditional neutrals like brown and beige, more color and texture options are making their way in the fashion world.

From teals and pinks to metallic hues, you can find a rainbow of straps to choose from. In addition, more designs for the actual build of the shoe are offered, with variations on the quantity, thickness and location of the straps.

Sandals and Socks: We’ve all seen it. Some of you may have even committed this fashion crime over the course of your lifetime. Fortunately for you, this mistake may not be so bad today.

Sporting sandals and socks is coming in as somewhat fashionable. Of  course, in order for the typically odd look to be fashionable, you have to choose the right socks and shoes to pair together. Picking some mismatched patterned socks out of your top drawer and slipping into a pair of dingy sandals isn’t going to cut it.

Check out some of these socks and sandals combinations from InStyle to get an idea of what is fashionably acceptable. You could be one of the first to successfully pull off this “ugly” trend.

Notice that the first example combination featured includes a double offense: socks and Birkenstocks.

Overalls: The overall trend has been back for a couple of years now. The difference now is that there is a focus on overalls with full-length bottoms in addition to the overall shorts.

While some people might see the trend as ugly or juvenile, many see overalls as a fun piece of attire that helps in the creation of cute and comfortable outfits.

The standard overalls are made of blue jean material, but more and more, overalls in bright colors and floral designs are appearing in stores. Overall shorts have been in style long enough that owning a pair isn’t groundbreaking, but going for the full-length bottoms may cause you to stand out from the crowd.

Only a few have braved this trend so far, but it may soon become more popular and standard.

Nerd Glasses: If you assumed that the nerd glasses trend would go away after the obsession with hipsters was over, then you thought wrong. The large framed, boxy glasses have become a standard eyeglass for people to choose.

No longer is it surprising to see people wearing these “nerd” glasses; it has become a current norm for many. I’ve even seen non-prescription versions of the glasses in fashion stores. The popularity can also be contributed to the many celebrities and stars that caught on and promoted the trend.

Overdone Prints: From t-shirts to earrings to wallets, we see some of the same prints over and over again. A few decades from now, future generations will probably wonder why we were so obsessed with mustaches, cats, cartoon characters, and silly sayings like “Let’s Take a Selfie!” and “Sun’s Out, Guns Out.”

While these things might have seemed funny at first, they turned into fashion trends that follow you everywhere. That means that you might see a cute top or a pretty purse, but end up turning it over and seeing a big ole curly mustache (or better yet, a cat with a mustache) plastered across.

Even though these kinds of prints can be considered ugly fashion pieces, they are ever so popular and seen as cute additions to wardrobes.

Whatever you choose to wear, wear it for yourself and because you like it. Even if it falls under the category of “ugly” fashions and trends, you may still be in style. Be prepared for some funny looks when you wear some unflattering attire, but also be prepared for the chance that you’ll start a new trend.

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