Ostrich Leather Clutch by O’Eclat


We found this gorgeous piece of leather clutch. The simplicity of this Ostrich leather caught our attention and we fell right in love (plus its pink!)

It is actually a Nigerian brand, Yes! O’Eclat known for stunning bags, purses, clutches and beautiful accessories!

It is a must own piece, simply stunning.


Accessory: Blue Denim Tote by Maknisy


Its amazing how spoilt for choice we are at finding quality pieces. We love to look our for stylish pieces (and we find a lot of them) and so far we are amazed at the quality of Nigeria made brands we have come across!

We found this gorgeous Blue tote by Nigerian based accessory brand, Maknisy Collection. This tote goes with just about every look, do you like?

Fabulous Find!The Transparent Clutch (Neon)


The transparent clutch is a must have, it gives a sexy tease to an outfit!

The transparent clutch is a beauty, this latest must have come in stunning neon colours (our favourite) and usually white. They are usually simple see through/crystal clear clutch purses, they are still in, simple but make a statement.

The transparent clutch is  a tease because its sheer enough to show off everything inside the  purse.

This LYDC transparent clutch complete with strap is our choice plus its a bargain! The transparent clutch trend is a must own because it instantly transforms your look to another level of ‘adventurous glam’ who doesn’t love that? Cop the look here!

Sweet BargainsTwo In One Beauty Products You Didn’t Know About! Check out our key beauty items that have dual functions we didn’t know about till now!


Sometimes we love some colours in our eyeshadow palettes so much we want them in lipstick shades and vice versa or we just want to go out and have fun and we don’t want a bag full of all the make-up items we own! Oh girl troubles.

Guess what? we tried out 3 keys make up items that has dual functions and we are excited to share:

The Mascara

Don’t throw out your mascara after it is finished just yet! Wash the colour remains off the wand with a good make-up remover and keep. The brush is perfect for brushing the eyebrows, shaping them to appear fuller and generally tame them. How is that for a bargain?

The Lipstick

Did you know the lipstick works well as a lipstick and a cream blush? Yes you heard right a cream blush! If you feel like matching your lipstick to your cheeks or just in love with the shade pat the lipstick gently to get just enough colour then dab on your cheeks with your finger!

The Eyeshadow

Did you know the eye shadow works perfectly as a liner too? No you didn’t! Well its true, you can use your favourite eyeshadow colour as eyeliner. Using a thin brush, dip in eyeshadow and slowly line across the upper eyelids and voila! For an intense effect, use some under your eye.

Eyeliner- A Must Use For Defining The EyesFive Tricks for Applying Eyeliner Eyeliner is a must use to achieve a fresh, defined eyes when making up.


Applying eyeliner gives ‘life’ to your face. The eyeliner has a way of accentuating your face either when applied in the smokey eye or the classic cat eye style so it’s a very important make-up step you don’t want to leave your home without.  

Applying eyeliner can be quite tricky if care is not taken, but below are tricks to help when applying your liner so you do not end up with a messed up make-up/look.


1.  Always Use A foundation.

Applying foundation is key for a smooth make-up application, here it helps the eyeliner stay in place for a longer period and also prevents it from smudging. You should never skip your foundation to ensure your eyeliner stays in place.

2.  Perfectly Tamed Eyebrows.

Perfectly tamed eyebrows are an accessory to the face. Make sure they are always neatly plucked and filled where necessary. If you will fill your eyebrow, do not use a dark colour so you won’t draw attention away from your eyes.

3.   Accentuate your eyes.

Naturally, applying eyeliner gives your eyes a bigger effect. If you want to achieve a bigger eyes effect, apply a thin line of the eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes, applying thick strokes is equally good to achieve a set of well-defined eyes, but a longer thin line complements most faces more.

4.  Do the trendy

For a stylish et trendy look, skip an eyelid, apply eyeliner on the outer line of just the upper or lower eyelid (don’t do both). You can finish this off with a fresh look by applying a thin line of colour on the outer line of the lower eyelid, you a neutral colour.

5.   Smudge it yourself.

Smudging your eyeliner gives an amazing effect. It may seem a bit messy but if you know how to…… it, you will end up loving it.

For instance, instead of wiping off an uneven line, smudge it with a soft flat brush then add use a blue or dark black eyeshadow to set off a refined look; This should be applied on top of the eyeliner.

7 Eye Make-Up Mistakes To AvoidTips For A Flawless Make-Up


Follow this guide for a great make-up look.

Not all ladies can confidently say they get their eye make-up looks perfect all the time, most times, we do the expected daily/routine make-up and dash out of the house.

Sometimes we come across ladies who have no idea how make-up is done or what mistakes to avoid when wearing make-up!

1. Not Wearing At all

A lady should alwaya try as much as possible to make an effort, it could be a nude make-up look even a lipstain could turn a dull look to a brighter one. The first step is to make an effort at make-up.

2. Ditch The Old Palette

You don’t ever want to be stuck with the ’80’s eyeshadow look by all means ‘update’ your eyeshadow palette, good and modern eyeshadows gives you the desired look.

3. Too Much Sparkle

By all means go easy on the pigmented shadows and lip stains!

4. Kohl Overkill

Too much eyeliner is a turn off, don’t go overboard using dark liners.

5. Spiky Eyelashes

Invest in good mascara otherwise you could end up with spiky lashes and those are neither cool nor pretty.

6. Too Much Make-up

Dont try to imoress and pile on colours on your face, you dont want to be the clown now would you?

7. Not considering Your Facial Structures

Consider your features before applying your make-up, what works for one person may not work for the other. Try out looks that suit you and go with that.

Kohl Perfect!Tutorial: Get 9 Different Eyeliner Looks In Easy Step


Eyeliners are must in make-up , they have a way of opening up the eyes, making them electrifying (if you know what we mean). The give that edgy, pretty, clear/bright definition to the eyes.

There are ways to apply the eyeliner, they can go from simple to dramatic in one swoosh, depending on how creative we get with using it.

This easy tutorial simplifies 9 different eyeliner looks, you should watch and give it a try; our favourite was the ‘feline’ eyeliner look.

Fashion ‘Discovery’Peep Looks From Asake Oge S/S ’14 Collection







Bold/ fierce looks from Asake Oge’s S/S ’14 ‘Discovery’ collection!

UK based Nigerian fashion brand Asake Oge released her Spring/Summer 2014 collection, titled ‘Discovery’ the bold collection features  bright hues and bejewelled dresses for the modern woman.

The ‘fearless and fun’ collection is inspired by fearless women who have inspired others, chased their dreams and lived for a purpose, with pieces named after Rosa Parks who is known for her stance against racial discrimination and Queen Yaa Asantewa who fought against British colonialism amongst others.

The collection features chic bold prints for the fearless and fierce ‘fashionista‘, silk fabrics with sequined and beaded details and more; we have our eyes on the crop tops and bottoms! Check the looks from the collection below.

Contact: http://www.asakeoge.com

‘Femme Fatale’!Lookbook:Trish O Couture Releases Looks For S/S ’14



Hot lacy perfection for the modern woman describes Trish O Couture fresh looks from her stunning Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

The fast rising Nigerian fashion brand made perfect pieces for the S/S ’14 collection with lace- taking dominance- and satin, titled ‘Femme Fatale’ the style of the modern woman was made soft, endearing and picture perfect!

According to the Artistic Director of the brand, Patricia Onumonu the S/S ’14 Femme Fatale collection “Evokes the charming and seductive side of femininity, it plays on the soft and endearing components on womanhood” with colours like yellow signifying fertility, blue signifying dignity and black signifying the strength of a woman.



Set Direction/Styling- Rhoda Ebun

Photography- MoussaMoussa


Twiiter/Facebook/Instagram- @trishocouture