Revealed! Reasons Why Jay-Z And Beyonce Didn’t Attend The Kimye Wedding



The Kimye nuptials may have ended over 48 hours ago but it will probably take the world another week to get over it; that’s assuming the audio from the Solange/Jay Z elevator brawl doesn’t get leaked before then, in which case it would be – move over Kimye, whatchu say, Solange!?

You see the last time the whole world collectively obsessed about a wedding, a royal was involved, and that’s saying something. From her wedding dress to the venue and guest list, the former Miss Kardashian – in all her sex tape glory, managed to get the world yakking about her big day to the point where the area of her wedding venue was declared a no-flight zone to keep the paparazzi away!

But in all of this brouhaha, one couple remained highly uninterested; enter His Royal Hipness Jay-Z and his lovely queen, Beyonce. The famous couple who are known friends with Kanye were conspicuously absent from the Kimye nuptials which further fueled the rumours that all hasn’t been well between the famous friends since Kanye hooked up with Kim Kardashian of the famous derriere.

So what could possibly make Jay & Bey skip what was arguably ‘the’ wedding of the year and also a special day for BFF, Kanye?

Well you’re about to find out..

  1. Jay-Z is lying critically ill in a New York Hospital: it’s no news that Solange delivered a few sucker punches to Jay-Z in the infamous elevator fight, but what y’all probably don’t know is she broke a few labia joints in the process, so now Jay-Z is nursing his deflated lips – and ego in an undisclosed New York hospital.

   2. Beyonce can’t stand the fact that North West is cuter than Blue Ivy: you know what they say about women and petty jealousy? Well it’s true. Queen Bey is still smarting from the fact that Blue is not the cutest tot in the world (notice how she always keeps Blue’s face hidden in photos, well we’re unto you Bey!) and she wasn’t about to let a bunch of drama queens who’s claim to fame is rub it in.

  3. Solange: need we say more? The fear of Solange is the beginning of wisdom in the Carter householde!


That’s all folks!








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