Kering Sues Over Counterfeits


Gucci spring/summer 2015
Picture credit: Indigital
Balenciaga autumn/winter 2015
Picture credit: Indigital

“Kering and its brands dedicate a great amount of creative energy, craftsmen’s know-how and monetary investments to develop products that speak to consumers and fulfil their needs,” said a spokesperson for Kering. “This lawsuit is a part of Kering’s ongoing global effort to maintain its customers’ trust in its genuine products and to continue to develop the creative works and talents in its brands.”

Kering first sued Alibaba last year over similar claims, although the case was dropped after two weeks. In January of this year, following a run-in with China’s main corporate regulator over unlicensed vendors selling illegal replicas on its sites, Alibaba said it would increase its staff to monitor its shopping sites more closely.

“We continue to work in partnership with numerous brands to help them protect their intellectual property and we have a strong track record in doing so,” said a spokesperson for Alibaba. “Unfortunately, the Kering Group has chosen the path of wasteful litigation instead of the path of constructive cooperation. We believe this complaint has no bases and we will fight it vigorously.”

In 2012, the Office of the United States Trade Representative removed one of Alibaba’s most successful e-commerce sites, Taobao, from its “notorious markets” list, following the brand’s progress in cleaning up the calibre of its vendors and product sold.


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