Jennifer Lopez Take a good look at singer’s raved ‘magical dress’


Jennifer Lopez stunned the world with a recent performance for American Idol and apart from giving a brilliant performance, the singer looked divine.

JLo wore a  magical (literally, cartoon characters ‘came to life on the dress’, it had to be) dress which featured a (whooping) 20 feet/6 meters skirt (the bottom part of the dress).

Interestingly reports reveal Lopez and her costume designer;Mariel Haenn  had been playing around showing the look for a while.

The massive skirt of the dress projected scenes from the movie ‘Home’, ‘Starry Skies’ and other breathtaking effects which made the performance and the look even more magical.

The pictures around didn’t do the look any justice.

Watch the short breathtaking performance above to see the ‘magical dress’.


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