Photos From Rio De Janiero 2015 Carnival


Brazil is synonymous with four major things all over the world – Football, its beautiful women, lovely beaches and electrifying carnivals.

One major revenue earner for the South American country is its tourism sector, boosted by its beaches and many carnivals. The carnivals have attracted publicity all over the world because of their traditional dances, colourful costumes, beautiful women and the accompanying crowds that grace the street-held carnivals.

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According to Daily Mail, the 2015 Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival came to a glittering end last night with a mind-blowing evening of sequin-fuelled revelry, blaring music and dancers at the Samba drome.

Tens of thousands of people sat on both sides of the filled venue to watch and sing along as Rio’s famous samba schools brought the five-day festival to a spectacular close.

See the pictures below:

A giant statue of Late Nelson Mandela on display

A number of Rio's famous Samba groups decided to honor the country's diverse Afro-Brazilian heritage

Young revellers from Beija-Flor samba school proved they had just as much rhythm as their older counterparts with their own parade

It may have been past their bed time, but that didn't stop these excited children getting in on the Carnival action

Tens of thousands of people gathered on both sides of the imposing venue to watch and sing along to Rio's famous Samba schools

Luckily for revelers and performers the rain held off on Monday night. A torrential downpour soaked party-goers on Sunday night

The samba schools were competing for the best performance which will be announced later in the week

Anything goes at Rio de Janeiro's infamous carnival, but these performers were wearing more than most....

Members of the samba group Uniao da Ilha created a spectacular collage of colourful flowers and butterflies with their costumes

While Carnival exploded in a riot of colour inside the Sambadrome,  hundreds of alcohol-soaked parties lined the streets of Rio de Janeiro

Thousands of dedicated performers take part in the parade and spend hours applying make-up and getting into the elaborate costumes

Elaborate costumes, not to mention the weird an the wonderful all made an appearance during the grand finale on Monday night

A reveller from Portela samba school participates in the carnival samba parade which seemed to celebrate the afterlife



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