Celebrating Valentine Miles Apart


“…Wherever you are, baby, baby you are never far away, you are always on my mind” This line from Lagbaja’s “Never Far Away” makes a lot of sense for those of us in long distance relationship. This part of the song captures the central theme of this piece. No matter how far away your partner is, Love conquers all.

Living far apart can be pretty difficult especially for young lovers – the sense of insecurity among other issues is the bane of such relationships. The situation if not properly managed may result into an eventual break up.

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We have had situations where couples in distant relationships had to breakup on grounds of infidelity, lack of communication and constant insecurity. Distant relationship management requires a lot of hard work, that goes without saying.

Trust, patience, commitment will be tested especially on a special day like Valentine’s Day.
As Valentine’s Day approaches and excitement builds up, many in distant relationships will be agitated and less excited since there is nothing to look forward to but the reality of their status as long distance lovers. Who deserves the blame? – No one but fate.

Don’t despair just yet. Being in a relationship has its ups and downs and there are better ways to express feelings and showing love on a day as significant as Vals Day.It is important to take time out and get creative with ways to connect with boo or bae regardless of distance. Needless to state how important it is to keep your romantic relationship spicy!

All the same, you just might find yourself in a distant relationship sometime in the future. Did you say God forbid? Well, maybe you should plead with fate. Celebrating Valentine’s Day Miles Apart from your lover should not be an issue as far proper planning and execution are in place.
There are a myriad of ways you can effectively connect with your lover without his or her physical presence.

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Are you thinking of sending a love letter? Interesting! That won’t be too bad, let’s go back in the day of letter writing. It would make the emotionally-laden experience very interesting.
Your partner would appreciate the effort that went into writing such a letter and will feel really special and appreciated.

Sending a romantic Email is definitely a great way to start your Vals day. A very lengthy email that expresses your indepth emotion with absolute sincerity is something money cannot afford but will leave that lasting remark coupled with the memories of a lifetime.

Watching a romantic movie together is actually one sure creative way to celebrate the romantic holiday together with your sweetie. Again, planning is crucial here. Decide on the particular movie to watch, schedule time and ensure you both watch it together while ‘skyping” – there’s no need to stress that a distant relationship is expensive to run. The plan should be to give you a feeling of connection which obviously cannot stand instead of your partner’s physical presence but is not bad at all.

Better still; watch a movie you both watched when you were together. It would really be great to relive memories of beautiful moments you both shared in the past.

Surprise Delivery: Roll up your sleeves man! You know your bae very well. You know what she cherishes. Gift her some flowers, watches, a piece of jewellery or anything to make her feel like a goddess. You don’t have to break the bank to find a perfect but affordable gift for her from online stores like Kaymu and Jumia. You should actually window shop before that deal day. There are a lot of deals and exclusive items on sale that you can ship to her address. Make it a surprise!

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How about a lil shoutout?!

Exploit the power of broadcast media: However far away, you could still reach out to your partner across the miles by dedicating to him, his favorite romantic song on a popular radio or TV show. However, before you dedicate a song to your partner, ensure she tunes in on the purpose won’t be defeated.

Meanwhile, in the last few weeks, exciting offers have been rolling out on the Jumia ‘Vote for Love’ goody store.

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