Meet Ronaldo’s Hot Rumoured Girlfriend


Something that started as rumours ended up as the real breaking news: Real Madrid’s star Crtistiano Ronaldo and his long-time girlfriend, model Irina Shayk, broke up.

Irina Shayk, Ronaldo's ex

Here come fresh reports circulating in the world media that the handsome striker quickly found a new love, Spanish TV reporter Lucia Villalon.

Lucia Villalon, allegedly Ronaldo's new girlfriend

According to Daily Mail, Cr7 was pictured celebrating with Villalon after winning his third Ballon d’Or award. Notably, on that very day, Irina was absent at the ceremony.

Lucia Villalon1

See Lucia’s stunning photos below:

Lucia Villalon7

Lucia Villalon3

Lucia Villalon6

Lucia Villalon5

Lucia Villalon4

Who is hotter: Irina or Lucia?



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