10 Best: Halloween beauty kits


10 Best: Halloween Kits

From fake blood and batwing lashes to pumpkin-coloured lip gloss, here are the beauty essentials for your Halloween kit
Day Of The Dead Face Lace, from £29.95-£39.95

It looks complicated, but in fact these face stickers are the easiest way to sport Halloween make-up – just don’t work up too much of a sweat on dancefloor because your face may fall off – creepy

10 Best: Halloween Kits

Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited in Orange shade 50, £18.50

Orange is in fact one of the most flattering colours we can wear – but knowing that most are too freaked out by bright hues, we thought we’d suggest a tangerine tone for Halloween to ease yourself in. Remember, this shade would double-up as a long-term lipstick investment

10 Best: Halloween Kits

Givenchy Ombre Couture Noir Sequin, £18

For haunting eyes go heavy on the liner, particularly below the bottom lashes. This one comes complete with the hint of a sparkle so it doubles up as a great party-piece, too

10 Best: Halloween Kits

Illamasqua Freak Eau De Parfum, from £34

With poison hemlock, black devana and opium flower, the ingredient list reads like a witch’s recipe. In fact the intoxicating blend, thanks too to added oud and myrrh, is a rather wonderful heady floral that makes for a super, sexy warm winter fragrance

10 Best: Halloween Kits

Laukrom’s Artificial Blood, £13.10

Water-based and easily removed, this gel blood is the easiest to work with, and scarily looks just like the real thing

10 Best: Halloween Kits

House of Holland False Nails Mental Monsters, £7.99

Stick-on nails without the trickery but all the cheating so you won’t have to dream up your own Halloween-themed nails

10 Best: Halloween Kits

Mistair Airlites Hair Art Colours (75ml), £13.25

In a rainbow of 28 colours in matte and pearlescent finishes, these wash-out colours are your cheat to switching up your colour for a night. You can also find stencils available if you’re going creative for Halloween

10 Best: Halloween Kits

Eylure Batwing Lashes, £6.95

Eylure, the UK’s best-selling lash brand, has created some brilliant Halloween themed lashes this year. Our favourites are these Batwing Lashes. We hear they’re reusable, but perhaps stick to Halloween-themed parties only

10 Best: Halloween Kits

ThumbsUp! Finger Candles, £10

For one night only sling out the Jo Malones and get these guys in to create just the right kind of Halloween ambience lighting

10 Best: Halloween Kits

Mistair mistFX Aqua Body Paints £12

Far better to use theatrical paints than make-up if you’re attempting any kind of body-art – and these come highly recommended for their water-based, smudge-proof, fool-proof fancy dress ease


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