When Did These Celebrities Lose Their Virginity?


It’s amazing, but true:

Kim Kardashian has something in common with Tina Fey.. who has something in common with Daniel Radcliffe… who has something in common with Jessica Simpson and… Lil Wayne?!?

All of these celebrities have had sex!

And, even more relevant in this case, all of these celebrities have had sex and revealed the age in which it first happened!

Who waited until marriage? Who first got it on at the age of 8 (seriously!!!)? Who was playing a game of Win, Lose, or Draw when his opponent wrote “F-ck Me” on the board?

We thought that one might get your attention. Find out now

Kim Kardashian Was...

… 14 when she first slept with a man. She admitted this to Oprah Winfrey.
Khloe Kardashian Was...

… also 14. She told co-hosts on The View that she lost it to an older man and regrets how the act went
Jessica Simpson Was...
… 22. And married! She waited until she and Nick Lachey exchanged vows before she let him hit it.
Shirley Manson Was...

… 15. The Garbage singer has said the very first act lasted 40 seconds. She should take it as a compliment.
Adriana Lima Was...

…. 27! Yup, the beautiful model waited until marriage. (And then may have banged Justin Bieber after that.)
Britney Spears Was...

… 14?!? Yup, her mom said in a memoir that Britney lost her V Card to a high school football player, not to Justin Timberlake.
… 18. Or so he told Playboy in an interview, before he went sort of insane.
Lil Wayne Was...

… 11?!? And she was 13. And they were playing a game, he says. “We was playing ‘Win, Lose, or Draw’ and on the board she wrote, ‘F-ck me.'”
Chris Brown

Chris Brown has said it’s “different in the country” and that he was de-flowered at the age of 8. For reals!

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