Wear It Now Easy Upgrades: 10 Must-Haves Under $100


Fill out your wardrobe with these sub-Benjamin buys from the March issue of GQ

1. Topman suede desert boots
Suede desert boots are a mainstay—McQueen rarely straddled a bike without his—but designers never ventured beyond khaki and brown. That just changed. For spring, the boots got spiked with an array of colors that will give new life to your jeans, chinos, and suits. It’s time to let those tan boots fall to the back of the closet—and go electric.

$92, available at us.topman.com

2. Prada Luna Rossa cologne
Prada’s new Luna Rossa packs an extra-fresh hit of lavender for the kind of detail-obsessed guy who knows the difference between pomade, paste, and styling clay.

$82, available at sears.com

3. Smart Turnout knit tie
This season, reinvigorate your wardrobe with one simple purchase: a knit tie. The hit of texture will give any business suit a lift—and knits are now available in zillions of not-drab colors and countless not-boring patterns.

$89, available at smartturnout.com

4. Zara penny loafers
Penny loafers for penny-pinchers: These new low-cost versions are just as advanced as their pricey cousins. Perfect for the guy who’s about to start loafing for the first time.

$100, available at zara.com

5. Warby Parker Jasper sunglasses
Warby Parker is a brand that’s made for this list—every great pair of glasses and sunglasses, like this pair of Jaspers here, comes in at under $100.

$95, available at warbyparker.com

6. Minnetonka moccasins
Moccasins have lived in driving loafers’ shadows for years—but no more. Not since labels like Tod’s started using high-end suede and leather roping to give them new life. Bonus: The OG brand, Minnetonka, has responded, giving the Italian boys a run for their euros.

$56, available at zappos.com

7. Gap oxford shirt
With a tie or without, alone with the sleeves pushed up or under a blazer, this slim-fit oxford from Gap is ready for anything.

$50, available at gap.com

8. The Knottery Grenadine tie
If you’re going with a solid tie, it never hurts to choose one with a little texture, like this “grenadine” tie from The Knottery.

$55, available at theknottery.com

9. Superga sneakers
Superga’s sneakers are popular with the athletic crowd, but these Italian classics work just as well with a pair of jeans as they do on a tennis court.

$80, available at superga.co.uk

10. CB I Hate Perfume Invisible Monster cologne
Invisible Monster from CB I Hate Perfume makes you smell like you felled trees all day with one of those $300 paint-dipped axes, then went home to shotgun a microbrew.

$80, available at cbihateperfume.com

Photo: us.topman.com


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