4 Simple Ways to Make Your Eyes Pop Behind Your Frames



4 Simple Ways to Make Your Eyes Pop Behind Your Frames

Photo: Ben Ritter

To make your eyes stand out from behind your glasses, follow these easy tips. They’re especially helpful if you wear strong frames.

Eyeliner is Key
I love gel liner for girls who wear glasses because it adds serious definition that other liners can’t quite achieve. The line should be thick enough that you can see it when you open your eyes. Draw it all the way across the eye. In the photo above, I drew out the line a teeny bit beyond the outside corner for a playful, mini cat eye.

Define Your Brows
To ensure that your glasses don’t overpower your face, you should apply a shadow the same shade as your hair color to your brows with an angled brow brush.  

Go With Waterproof Mascara 
Regular mascara can smudge against your lenses, a waterproof version is the fix.

Don’t Forget Concealer 
Lenses can highlight and enhance any undereye darkness or redness, so concealer helps keep the attention on your eyes—not on your circles.


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