3 Tricks to Rocking the Crop Top Trend


Spring 2014 runways were awash with crop tops. Everywhere we looked we saw belly buttons and perfectly toned midriffs. Like most women, we had mixed emotions ranging from envy to self-loathing and swore to never be seen in public baring what we wished were six-pack abs.

Crop Runway 2014

In secret however, you and I know you probably tried on one or two at the store to see how they fit. If there is one desire every woman shares, it is the desire to turn heads (i.e the desire to be sexy) and what is sexier than a crop top paired with shorts or a mini, midi or maxi skirt?

If you look like the models in the pictures above, please stop reading now. If however, you do not look anything like these beautiful ladies above, we are pleased to inform you that there are a few ways to rock this trend without showing all our “wobbly bits”.


Wear what I call the “conservative crop”. This is a crop top which covers the midriff and is paired with a high waisted skirt or jeans for additional coverage. Here are a few examples:


Conservative Crop


You can use your crop as a layer over a t-shirt paired with jeans. If you are not the t-shirt and jeans wearing type, you can layer it over a dress for a similar effect.

Layered Crop Top


Add an African twist to your crop top. Its not really a trick, but the prints add an element of character which we just love and notice how they are just a bit more conservative than your average.

Ankara crop

So step out boldly in your crop today and don’t be afraid to show your sexy. If you live in Nigeria and have no idea where to pick one up, try here or here or order a custom crop top by emailing orders@remibylayide.net. We accept fabrics.



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