Tutorial!How To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape + Choosing The Right Blush Brushes


Get on how to apply your lush according to your facial structure, it helps!

Milani Baked Blush: There are colours for different skin tones to choose from

Even right now some of us cannot use our blush perfectly without professional help, most if the time we just skip it! But we love how well some people use it and how much it lifts their cheekbones especially so we decided to learn… but of course share with you guys a well.

The blush is a great part of make-up that we should know how to use/use effortlessly, it instantly gives colour and lifts the face or is it just us? We are loving the Milani baked blush at the moment, we are keeping it till we get out ‘blush game’ perfect but so far even with our ‘funny blush moment’ it looks really good.

You should get a Milani baked blush in a colour that best suits you, till then catch this tutorial below to learn how to use one perfectly!


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