The three coolest celebrity dads we know


We take our hats off to these three cool celebrity dads. We obviously know there’s many more of them but these three definitely take our top three spots.

The three coolest celebrity dads we know

First off happy Daddy Day to all the great dads out there, hope that you’re not only praised today but everyday.   thank you for making this thing called life a bit more bearable with you around.

And on this chilled Sunday we decided to take our hats off to the coolest celebrity dads we know.

First on our list is actor Hlomla Dandala who is a father to five beautiful kids.  Apart from the rumours surrounding him not paying child maintenance for his kids one cannot deny that this guy absolutely loves his kids and is undoubtedly one of the coolest dads we know in the South African entertainment industry.  He’s one of many local celebrities who take this daddy role very seriously.

Then there was the most fabulous dad you could ever come across, Somgaga himself (Somizi). He seems like the type of dad you can tell anything to and we mean anything! Boyfriends included.  By the looks of this picture with his daughter we think it’s safe to say that she’s stunting like her daddy, plus she’s grown up to be one gorgeous girl.

Tbo Touch takes our number three spot of the coolest celebrity dads in Mzansi, not only does he dress his son in the freshest gear and spoils him rotten, he’s actually one of those fathers who are more than just an ATM.  The man takes every opportunity in being apart of his sons life and of course showing him le good life too.


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