Eva Longoria dismisses restaurant closure rumours


It was reported that her restaurant in Las Vegas was shut down for health code violations

  • Image Credit: Karen Dias/Gulf News
  • Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria has dismissed reports that her restaurant in Las Vegas was shut down after failing a health inspection.

The 39-year-old made a partnership agreement with the bosses at US restaurant chain Morton’s The Steakhouse to open SHe inside the Aria Resort and Casino in 2012.

The restaurant reportedly closed last weekend. In April, the restaurant received 21 demerits for health code violations from Southern Nevada Health District officials.

Longoria has slammed the rumours and took to Twitter: “Just to be clear, the steakhouse in Vegas did not close for health violations. We had an ‘A’ rating at time of closure.”

“People should read more carefully. SHe Las Vegas was originally concepted as a nightlife entertainment venue. Since the closing of the nightclub venue, we have been met with considerable resistance from our landlord to re-concept the nightlife theme which impacted our ability to deliver on our guests’ experience.”

The restaurant offered smaller-portion dishes for weight-conscious female customers.

The actress still runs one of Los Angeles’ top restaurants Beso.


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