This Is How Bride And Groom From My Home Town Dresses. Cross River State, Calabar, Nigeria


Efik brides stand out in their elaborate and colourful attires. They wear one of two outfits, one of which is the Ofong Ukod Anwang – a fancy attire which includes a knee length skirt,  blouse (usually covering only the bust) and a fancy beaded body adornment as seen below.

The second choice for Efik brides is the Onyonyo, a big long flowing gown. They also wear hand and leg gears know as Ekpa ku kwa, and adorn their necks with coral beads. My two favourite things? The over the top hair pins and the decorated staff carried by the bride – so unique and regal. Check out some pictures below.

efik traditional weddingefik nigeria wedding and marriageefik traditional wedding nigeriaThe dancers from my home town.

efik bridal attireefik male attireefik bride and groom Nigeria is so blessed with rich cultures. Any former and future Efik brides out there? Please let us know more about your traditional wedding experience in the comment section below. Also, do you have any favourite looks?


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