Rise Of The DeadMichael Jackson Comes Alive At 2014 Billboard Music Awards








The top music award show definitely killed the MJ performance!

Michael Jackson maybe gone but his music and definitely his unique dance moves are very much alive. The late King of Pop star did a fantastic holographic performance at Last night’s Billboard Music Awards and no one has stopped talking.

Despite, the show’s recent lawsuit attack from Aliki David who claimed the BBMA will destroy his plans for a similar, high-profile holographic MJ performance, most fans agreed it was the high point of the event.

The Michael Jackson Estate created one visually amazing moment by having the late King of Pop returning from the dead to dance to his “new” single “Slave to the Rhythm”.

Was it creepy? Kind of. But it was also all kinds of awesome. Looks like holograms are here to stay. Check out the historic MJ performance below and tell us what you think:




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