Like A Bag Of Money…Rihanna Gets Paid To Attend Fashion Shows?




Oh my! Rihanna gets hundreds of thousands richer anytime you see her on the front row!

Rihanna makes over 100,000 USD to attend a fashion show! A report by Telegraph claims Riri makes big bucks just sitting pretty, watching models strut down the catwalk!

It was reported that the pop star pocketed a whooping $101,000 USD for attending the Dior cruise show in Brooklyn about a month ago. Though its not uncommon for celebrities to get paid to attend events/shows or endorse brands but Rihanna  is reported to be in another world of fashion gratification. She doesn’t even need to sing!


The style icon the star has become has landed her various luxury endorsements, collaborations and front row seats at major fashion shows all over the world which she gets paid for by the hour!

These days, celebrities makes ten times what some people make in a whole year just to watch models walk the runway, that is one nice life, No?


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