Dubai, Home of the most Magnificent and Modern Buildings


Dubai - Abu DhabiHome to the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art buildings, skyscrapers, and structures, such as the BurjKhalifa, the Burj al-Arab hotel, Dubai Marina, the Dubai Fountain, and the breathtaking Palm Islands, visiting Dubai is like travelling to the future, with its modern and futuristic designs and infrastructures, the emirate of Dubai is a must-see city that is wroth saving-up for. The cosmopolitan city if Dubai is filled with commercial buildings, a hub for business, which increases not only the city’s economy but also its popularity with tourism. Widely famous for its towering skyscrapers and high-rise structures, Dubai has attracted all kinds of people from all over the world, making it a melting pot for all kinds of

ethnicity while retaining its own old and modernized culture.

One of the most sought out activities when visiting Dubai is spending the day in its beautiful beaches with lingering stretches of white sands and sparkly blue waters where watersports, diving and snorkeling are done. Home of the whitest sand beaches in the world, Dubai’s shoreline is lined up with private and public resorts alike. Going outdoors to explore the desert may be a bit dangerous in Dubai, but if you know where to find them, Hatta is the best place to enjoy the cold freshwater lakes, towering waterfalls, and cliffs that you could hike on. And if you want to just stroll around in a relaxing environment, the Al Safa Park (one of Dubai’s oldest) is perfect for a long walk. Also filled with sports enthusiasts, the park is equipped with huge spaces that could serve as courts for soccer, volleyball, tennis, and more.

A very unusual and interesting place that tourists find enjoyable to see is the Camel Race Track. Camel Races are held every Thursday and Friday, which tourists have the opportunity to witness an activity which separates Dubai from all the other tourists destinations around the world. If lucky, tourists can visit the paddocks where the camels are housed.

Another exciting activity that you can do in Dubai is Dune Bashing in the Desert Safari where you could ride in SUVs driven by special Desert Drivers and head out to the deserts’ roller-coaster sand dunes of all sizes. After the dusty and bumpy ride, you could take-in the serene effect of the sunset while lavishing on exquisite cuisines accompanied by dancing and music.

Though Dubai has grown pretty modernized and up to date, it is still their pride and joy to preserve the remnants of what the old Dubai used to be. Infrastructures such as the Al Ahmadiya School, Dubai’s first school is one of the many buildings that Dubai has preserved and taken cared of. One of the last remaining districts of old Dubai, the Bastakiya District, houses old and traditional styled houses and buildings. To complete your tour of the Old Dubai, it is a must that you visit the Dubai Museum to learn about Dubai’s history and heritage, and after that, elbow your way through the crowded Souks where authentic spices, crafts, souvenirs, and a lot more is sold.

Dubai is filled with magnificent man-made structures at each corner, which proves that man is a very intelligent being. Creating something so closely alike to nature is a wonder, and the high-end building alone is a trademark of Dubai’s many wonders


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