Gareth Pugh’s LFW Return

GARETH PUGH is returning to London Fashion Week for the first time in seven years. The British designer – who showed in New York last season, and in Paris preceeding that – has made the move to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his label.

“London is where everything began for me,” Pugh said today. “My creative family is here, our story is here. So I’m thrilled to acknowledge such an important milestone on home ground. At heart this is a creative decision – it feels timely and true to the spirit of the work.”

The show will take place on February 21 during London Fashion Week’s autumn/winter 2015 showcase.

Man Spent $160,000 To Emulate Kim Kardashian READ MORE:

Do you love Kim Kardashian as much as this 23-year-old man? Jordan James Parke, who is obsessed with the controversial celebrity, has already spent $160,000 (N29,944,000) to look like his idol, Manchester, England, UK.

 Jordan James Parke has spent $160,000 to look like KK

A Kim Kardashian superfan says that this money is nothing because his person of adoration – Kim Kardashian-West – deserves more. The young man has already undergone 50 lip-filling operations, eyebrow tattoos, botox injections and laser hair removal.

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Jordan buys expensive designer clothes in unlimited quantities

Trying to match Kardashian’s wardrobe he also buys expensive designer clothes in unlimited quantities. Mr. Parke made the decision that he wanted to look like the reality show icon after first seeing her on Keeping Up with the Kardashians several years ago.

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He has  undergone 50 lip-filling operations, eyebrow tattoos, botox injections and laser hair removal.

“I love everything about Kim. She’s the most gorgeous woman ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, everything about her. I’m addicted to lip-fillers. The bigger, the better. I’ve never felt better about myself. My look is all about the shock factor. I love all the attention and the stares I get in the street.

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"I welcome the hate — it just means more attention."

“I welcome the hate – it just means more attention. And if anything, it just spurs me on to get more work done. For every person that hates my look, there’s someone who loves it – and those are the only people I care about.”


Looks of the day


Sienna Miller enjoys the spotlight surrounding new film ‘American Sniper’, while Suki Waterhouse joins her at the after-party in Stella McCartney

imageMeanwhile at the NYC ‘Big Eyes’ showcase Amy Adams dappled with a dark green colour scheme

imageSuki Waterhouse joined Sienna Miller in Stella McCartney at the after-party of ‘American Sniper’

imageIn pin stripes and a side-split skirt, Krysten Ritter looked office-ready in New York

imageEarlier in the day Sienna Miller tackled the press rounds for ‘American Sniper’ in a neat blue-and-black shirt dress

In a rouge Alexander Mcqueen, Carey Mulligan was the belle of the Gstaad Warchild benefit gala


Monday, December 15

Sienna Miller tackled the sheer skirt and big knicker look with stylish aplomb at the New York premiere of ‘American Sniper’

The Nigerian Popular Blogger Linda Ikeji Rocks N1million Dress

Imo state born blogger, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, popularly known as Linda Ikeji has once again shown that if you have the money, spend it.

Linda Ikeji

The 34-year-old infotainment blogger who recently added a 2014 brand new 24M Range Rover Sport to her collection of rides is here again with another one.  The celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji rocked a gown to an event yesterday, Sunday 14th December, 2015 and she said it costs a whooping one million naira!

The blogger who has tried her hands on so many things before venturing into blogging 8years ago was said to have been gotten the dress for one million naira at the Future Awards Africa event which took place on Sunday December 7, 2014.

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The dress which looked quite good the blogger who is yet to marry is said to be a Lanre DaSilva Ajayi dress which the celebrity blogger bid a million Naira on the particular custom made dress. The proceeds from the awards will however be donated to West African countries to help fight the deadly Ebola disease which is eating up some part of the West African countries already.

So before you say…’why will she buy a dress for that amount?’, just know it is really not about the dress, but about the cause behind the dress. When the blogger wore the dress yesterday, she posted the photo on her Instagram page captioning the photo: “Today’s look! Rocking my Lanre DaSilva dress. Bought it at auction for N1million. But it was for a good cause. #Ebola. #Charity. #Givingback. Kisses to u & u.”

See the one million bucks dress below…

linda ikeji2

Nice or not??

Charles Novia’s Top 5 Nollywood Actors In 2014

ust few days after enumerating his top 5 Nollywood actresses in 2014, Charles Novia is here with his top 5 Nollywood actors of 2014.

Charles Novia

The movie director cum critic who is known for always having a say about on-going issues in the Nigerian entertainment industry and more, Charles’ choice of top Nollywood actors, just like his top Nollywood actress, will shock you. This is because it does not cut across what an average Nigerian films lover ought to expect.

Here are the movie director’s most-choiced actors of 2014 which he published on his blog and reasons why he picked them…enjoy! .

For the crowd which believes that an actor’s popularity and fan base automatically means that such an actor must be on lists such as this, I say to you; get your heads out of your closets. On this platform, all levels of professionalism are used as universal templates. I do not give a damn about the number of years an actor or actress has spent in the industry when I draw up such lists. I am more concerned with areas of the actors body of work for the year and how impressive such was when placed under an artistic microscope.

Using criteria such as interpretation, characterization, internalization, enunciation, and actor’s visualization among others, the following actors are my top 5 for 2014.


Ayo Makun

Sometimes we have an impression that stand-up comedians are just a stereotypical bunch and do not really act outside the ambits of their profession. But it takes a lot of self-training coupled with an inherent acting talent for a stand-up comedian to mimic different characters on stage whilst on his routine. Transiting to the Big Screen and exploring all the elements of acting in such a move calls for some balls on the part of such a stand-up act. And AY proves that he has balls.

In the movie, ‘30 Days in Atlanta‘, one was impressed with AY and his acting prowess. Bringing to life  and to the screen, a social media legendary character known as Akpos, one could see that AY went all out with the character. His jokes were on point. His deliberately obtuse responses to obvious situations were good and most of all, he maintained a verve and onscreen energy which was demanded from the character all through the flick.

That energy though might have been overdone in areas where he played to the gallery but such were quickly overshadowed by the brilliantly-plotted script in which Akpos shows us how a ‘Waffi’ neophyte epitomizes the average Nigerian who travels for the first time out of his country. In ’30 Days in Atlanta’, AY didn’t have to act funny. He was funny. Having seen him act in the tepid ‘AY’s Crib’, his sitcom on television where all he seems to do is to deliberately or curiously bulge his eyes when rendering his lines, I was wary of what to expect in his movie. But he was well-researched for the role and had a great supporting cast which helped his delivery. AY deserves the accolades he has been getting over that movie. Most of all, he deserves to be on my list this year.


Tope Tedela

A Mile From Home‘ is Tope’s breakout movie. Having won a few laurels on account of the movie for ‘Best Actor’, I was curious to watch the movie earlier on in the year and when I did, I was not disappointed by his characterization in the movie. He played a character  which requires the utmost physical interpretation for the role as well as layers of emotional demands and intrinsic internalization. Where the dictates of the character needed him to deliver, Tope Tedela did. However, a trained eye could see that the young man still has a lot of work to do in some areas of his acting skills which a short course in an acting school would enhance if he so desires but that trained eye would also recognize that there’s a zeal within his talent which can be nurtured for the future. It is heartwarming to see the new generation of actors coming all out to prove that talent is king, beyond good looks.

For Tope Tedela, his talent may well take him places.


Lucky Ejim

Lucky Ejim’s name might not ring much of a bell to many but his art clanged more than a Church Bell for me in 2014. The movie ‘Render to Ceaser’ in which Lucky plays a psychotic villain had a run at the cinemas earlier in 2014 and Lucky stood out for me as the man of the movie. He was superb in his characterization and his articulation was brilliant too. Now, there is a difference between playing a villain and making the viewers accept that an actor is one. In this movie, Lucky blurred the lines and all through the movie, he was as good as they come in acting. After his commendable outing in the 2009 movie, ‘The Tenant’, we had to wait for years for the Canada-based actor to return to the Big Screen over here. And he didn’t fail.


Mike Omoregbe

His name on this list would shock a lot of people who may not even know who he is. But he is an ACTOR and his artistry deserves my commendation. If anyone has watched ‘INVASION 1897‘ by Lancelot Imasuen, you would agree with me that Mike Omoregbe, who played the role of ‘Oba Ovoramwen’ was as brilliantly regal in the role as he was visually a sizzle in his interpretation. His carriage and internalization for that role was quite an aesthetic delight and he did stir a lot of African cultural enthusiasts with his various levels of interpretation for that role. For a first timer on the big screen, I must doff my heart to this new entrant on the block. Actors such as this should not escape Nollywood’s radar in the present future.


Sadiq Daba

Sadiq Daba is my number one actor in Nollywood this year. If his ascension to this list in the first place would shock anyone, I would gleefully go the extra mile to add an electrocution value to that shock. The Veteran Actor has perhaps given us his role of a lifetime and one which we will never forget in years to come.

I do not wish to believe that Uncle Sadiq’s role in ‘ October 1‘ could very well be a magnum opus to the industry, having being called out of a self-imposed retirement by Kunle Afolayan. It shouldn’t be. As the Colonial Inspector in ‘October 1‘, Mr Daba shows us all why tried  and tested actors of his professional ilk are still the unbeatable best. One could appreciate that he personally put in a lot of research and hard work into his character and limited himself professionally to acceptable areas of believable acting, eschewing melodramatic dictates which other actors cast in that role might have been tempted to accede to.

His acting reached a powerful crescendo when in the last scene, he confronted the White Colonial officers. That was an awesome interpretation. In this age of harried and hurried actors who believe that they know it all, they can learn lots from actors like Sadiq Daba.

He gets my ultimate diadem for 2014. Congratulations, Sir.


8390 Yemi Alade Stuns At Headies

Yemi Alade shocked the crowd at yesterday’s Headies award looking sexy and glowing on the red carpet.

The beautiful actress had finally decided to show us parts of her personal life last week and this time she showed us what she is working with.

yemi alade in sty 1

Yemi Alade

The Johnny  crooner was accompanied by Alex Ekubo and turned and worked for the camera which seemed to adore her.

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Yemi’s fame had blown up this year when her grand song, Johnny took over the African Airways and took her to the top of the charts.


Naomi Campbell transforms into a femme fatale for Agent Provocateur

The supermodel, 44, makes her debut for the luxury lingerie label as a femme fatale with a killer instinct and a body to match

BY Olivia Bergin | 16 December 2014

Naomi Campbell for Agent Provocateur

Naomi Campbell for Agent Provocateur Photo: Ellen von Unwerth

Naomi Campbell is firmly back in the campaign spotlight thanks to a new gig with Burberry and as of today, a revealing role for Agent Provocateur.

Following in the footsteps of her good friend Kate Moss and Helena Christensen, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Monica Cruz, it is the first time that the Londoner has worked with the brand.

SEE: the famous bodies of Agent Provocateur

Sarah Shotton, creative director at Agent Provocateur told The Telegraph why the union between the two names has taken so long: “We’ve wanted to work with Naomi for years but were waiting for the perfect campaign to use her in as we wanted to make sure we made a real impact. Her strong fearless personality was the perfect match for the femme fatale vixen character she portrays.”

‘Kate, is that you?’ Campbell takes a call in a sultry black set called Evalyne

Captured by revered photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, Campbell plays the protagonist in a series of striking images inspired by filmmaker David Lynch’s thriller The Lost Highway and Brian de Palma’s murderous Body Double.

Referring to the shovel, gloves and knickers sported by Campbell in the campaign the company states: “With a killer instinct and a body to match, she cloaks herself in only the most devastatingly sensual pieces to commit the perfect crime.”

Campbell gets up to some mischief with a shovel while sporting the Karlie set of lingerie

Indeed, the Streatham-born pin-up is kitted out in the full works: sky-high-heels, stockings and suspender belt, matching brief and knicker sets that go by the name of Stevie, Tanya, Honney and Karlie. Occasionally, she carries a whip or a pair of handcuffs.

Boudoir time in Tanya

Despite the dark nature of the images, there is a wittiness to the idea. Shotton explains how the brand “love using women that have a great sense of humour as we like our campaigns to be a bit tongue and cheek and appreciate women that can have fun with their sexuality.”

Wearing a vivid green set named Payge, Campbell takes a break in a car park

Naomi is the ultimate Agent Provocateur woman: witty, gorgeous and confident. She is a natural femme fatale, a quality which effortlessly translates in our images.

Campbell atop a motor sporting the Honney ensemble

The Londoner shows off her dominatrix side with a pair of handcuffs

A Model Recommends: how to hide a hangover

How to get great party make-up may be on everyone’s mind right now, but what about the morning after? How we cover up a hangover is just as crucial when it comes to Christmas glamour – that dehydration, those dark circles, the lacklustre skin – is there anything we can do to hide the evidence?

Yes, says our beauty vlogger Ruth Crilly, aka A Model Recommends. “Some people tend to overdo it with hour long skincare sessions when they’re a bit hungover but really keeping things to the minimum and not aggravating skin is quite key.”

WATCH - A Model Recommends: Christian Louboutin Beauté polishes

And this she says, is how:

Alpha H, Crilly’s favourite overnight peeling mask.

1. Late-night prepping: Crilly isn’t counting on it, but if you can try to apply some kind of overnight face mask before you pass out, your skin will be all the better for it the next day. “If you can possibly manage to do anything, after you’ve taken your make-up off, however haphazardly you managed to do that, use some kind of overnight chemical peel treatment,” she says. “Those sound really scary but they are really quite gentle, especially in comparison to those harsh scrubs you can get. They just work to exfoliate overnight and take off those dead skin cells, and leave your skin looking a little bit pepped up and fresh by the next morning. Depending on how much late you go to bed, and how much you’ve had to drink, some things can’t be rescued. But we can but try!”

So lets, with one of Crilly’s two favourite masks. The first is Alpha H Liquid Gold, £33.50, – she’s long been a fan of this – “it’s a very simple liquid, that you swipe on over your face. You don’t need to follow it up with anything at all so it’s very, very easy to do. Pretty much anybody in any state can do that – I would hope,” says Crilly.

The other one is Olay Regenerist Super Elixir, £19.99. “Again a night treatment, that you don’t need to follow with anything,” explains Crilly, who describes it as a gel-texture, which might be better if you prefer the more traditional moisturiser feel of a lotion, rather than toner type of liquid that you would swipe over your skin.

2. The next morning: Before you do anything, turn to your hangover remedy of choice, “whether it’s a full-fat coke, fry up, I don’t know….orange juice,” says Crilly, “I would always go for an EmergenC sachets. I buy them in the States, but you can actually order them online now as well,” (£4.99 from Boots). Crilly explains that she’s no idea if they’re any better than Berocca, but in her head they are, so she always has one the morning-after.

3. Skin SOS: Clean your face again – “make sure you’ve got all the grime off from last night if you didn’t cleanse properly. And then in with a face mask,” says Crilly.

Thankfully, Crilly’s duo products of choice are low-effort, leave-on masks, so you don’t need to do anything with them once you’ve put them on, “which is quite nice if you’ve already had to do a cleanse and you can’t cope with hanging over the basin one more time to wash your face,” she says. Quite.

First up is Creme de la Mer’s Intensive Revitalising Mask, £105, yes “it’s very, very pricey but if you want that touch of luxury to make yourself feel better,” choose this one. Why? “It’s just a nice kind of injection of moisture, pepping the skin up and making it look a little bit brighter. You can tissue off the excess but I find my skin drinks it up,” says Crilly.

Second up is Emma Hardie’s Instant Radiance Mask, £36, which Crilly applies in this video. “And again, it just leaves the skin looking very kind of plumped out, and renewed.”

4. The brightener: After the mask, “make-up goes on straight over the top,” says Crilly, whose secretly also swears by a primer by way of Clarins Instant Light, £22.85, “a radiance boosting base, so you put it on underneath your foundation,” she explains, as “that gives quite a glow. It’s really nice because if you’re using a foundation on top, one with quite good coverage, which we are going to be, then it’s quite nice to have that radiance shining on through.”

5. The cover-up: “Concealer is so important, obviously, at times like these,” states Crilly, who chooses two versions for her hangover trickery. The first is Estée Lauder DoubleWear Stay In Place Concealer, £21.50, which she pats on with finger tips; “it’s very, very creamy and doesn’t settle into fine lines, and it’s lovely on dark circles.”

On the other eye Crilly goes for Tom Ford’s Concealing Pen, £40; “and this has a sponge applicator so you can actually apply and blend,” she adds, though Crilly prefers to pat and blend it in with her fingertips as it blends out really well, so it’s in her top hangover essentials.

6. The skin secret: Zelens Age Control Foundation, £65, a new find for Crilly, “it gives this beautiful glowy finish and doesn’t feel too drying on the skin – and doesn’t leave any residue. It’s just got the perfect kind of finish.”

7. The health booster: This is just about the skin, so to finish forget eye make-up and just add extra colour, using something like Chanel Les Beige, £39. Crilly opts for Shade 30, “which is a couple of shades darker than my skin tone, so almost like a pale bronzer on me,” which is the look we want to go for. Think “cross-between complexion enhancer and very, very faint coverage foundation and a finishing powder.” You don’t want a powder that’s drying, just extra ‘glow’ without the shine. “Just whisked that all over but especially under the cheekbones and just to the sides of the temples.”

Et voilà, you might just be able to conceal that you went one drink too far the night before thanks to a glowing complexion.

4-year-old designer in “Fashion by Mayhem” lands J.Crew gig

Sydney Keiser may be the youngest fashion designer in the world. The 4-year-old from Milford, Ohio, recently signed a deal with J.Crew to help create a new line of clothing for kids.

She has quite an imagination and parents who never stop encouraging her to bring her unique concepts to life, reports CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan.

To understand how Sydney works, you have to watch her in action.

Every morning, the fashion phenom creates whatever comes to mind using paper, tape and scissors.

On the day CBS News visited her, she not only came up with two dress ideas within an hour, but also decided to make something for her imaginary sister, a mannequin she calls Mackenza.

Then she modeled off the dress she made for herself.

When asked where her ideas come from, she replied, “My head.”

She said she practices about 10 hours a day.

Sydney doesn’t quite realize she has a gift, but those gifts were brought to light by Sydney’s mom, Angie, who started a blog this year called “Fashion by Mayhem,” Sydney’s nickname. But it was Angie’s Instagram account, which showcased Sydney’s dresses, where things really took off. Angie has more than 400,000 followers who are eager to see Sydney’s original creations, as well as some red carpet re-creations.

Last February, J. Crew head designer Jenna Lyons showed a serious interest in teaming up with Sydney.

When Angie got the first email from J.Crew, she didn’t think it was real.

“Seriously to know the volume of email that was coming in at that time, it was incredibly overwhelming,” Angie said. “That particular email, sort of stopped me in my tracks and I thought, ‘Is this really real?'”

J.Crew flew the family to New York where Sydney was treated like a rock star. Last week they made it official: “Fashion by Mayhem” would work with J.Crew on a 2015 summer collection for kids.

Some may look at the intricacies of the dresses Sydney created and question whether she really made it.

“I would say she did not come out of the womb with little scissors and packing tape, starting off and putting these things together on her own,” Angie said. “There are definitely dresses that I help with a lot more, but she still really has most of the creative control.”

Editor-in-chief of Yahoo Style Joe Zee said technology played a big role in Sydney’s success.

“It’s a very sort of elaborate arts and crafts of anything that we did when we were kids. Except none of us had Instagram to post it when we were younger,” Zee said.

When Sydney’s not having fun making dresses, she’s busy helping her parents at their photography studio — or just being a typical 4-year-old having a blast in the park.

Sydney’s work has also been featured on Vogue magazine’s website, and her mother says they have some other projects in the works that they can’t quite talk about yet.